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Orlando Movers Love Football

Quite a momentous Super Bowl XLV was had over the weekend! Several astounding plays made the game a blast to watch from start to finish! Christina Aguilera fudged a bit on the National Anthem and she’ll not likely hear the end of it any time soon, but your Orlando movers are among the few that have cut her some slack; acapella in front of thousands upon thousands of football fans must be stressful! As always, the commercials during the Super Bowl were almost more entertaining than the game itself, watching the game on TV from home has it’s up side! The Black Eyed Peas put on a rather electrifying show at halftime with the help of Slash and a whole lot of Tron-clad luminous synchronized dancers. The stage even lit up and spelled “LOVE” very appropriately considering the Super Bowl’s proximity to Valentines Day; hopefully the V-Day reference served as a reminder to husbands and boyfriends who might have been a little too tied up with thoughts of the game to remember otherwise! Your Orlando movers are sad to see football season go, but it will be back again in August; what an excellent farewell Super Bowl XLV was! Congratulations Green Bay, we’ll see you again in the summer!

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