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Moving Assistance: When is the Right Time to Seek Help From Friends/Family?

Some quick food for thought from your Orlando moving expert: Know when and when not to recruit friends/family for help on your upcoming move. When it comes to moving to a new house we all tend to get by with a little help from our friends, but there is a right and a wrong way to go about doing it if you ask your relocation specialists. Even if you are hiring professional Florida movers in Orlando you may still call upon friends and family for help, so be smart about it! Rather than asking for help with packing and preparing dishes –or for help with any tedious moving tasks– you should stick to “just the big stuff.” Here’s why: Moving the armoires, the dressers, sofas, beds, and other heavy household items is very cut and dry. Whereas packing boxes and preparing smaller household items is more complicated. Furthermore, the heavy lifting involved when moving big furniture is something that you actually will need help with. Packing with friends should be avoided for many reasons. For one, the complication experienced by your friends/help can cause productivity to slow down. Also, you may have a very specific manner in which you want your smaller items to be packed, especially when it comes to packing dishes and other delicate belongings. Lifting heavy furniture may be physically more difficult than packing boxes, but overall it is the easiest and most sensible part of your move for your friends and family to get involved with; be smart and productive, when it comes to asking friends for moving help stick to the big stuff!

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