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Orlando real estate prices jumped by double digits again from April to May of 2014. In fact, the prices have been steadily rising since this time last year. Month to month, the real estate prices have grown 1.1 percent over the last year. Overall, real estate prices have risen 11.4 percent in Orlando over the […]

In a consumer’s world, it is a necessity to be able to trust in the various companies on which you rely. Your local Orlando mover here definitely falls under the trustworthy category, and will always take pride in the honest business principles which help drive our business. Recently, Whole Foods Market –a rather reputable supermarket […]

How long have you been at your current job? If it seems like forever, you’re probably so fluent at your job that you don’t even realize you’re working at times. To you, your job is easy. It’s hard to recall a time when what you now do daily was challenging, perhaps this is because your […]

Everyone could use a little help when it comes to moving and packing details and the steps associated with the entire relocation process. What is the sign of a first-rate local mover? A good Orlando moving company will not only book your move, but will also supply you with a moving coordinator that is skilled at providing just what his […]

Think about it. What normally happens around the house when you take on those do-it-yourself tasks that require professional help? Well, let me talk about me. I normally worsen the situation with my involvement. So in the long run I end up spending more money. I believe moving is one of those task that requires […]

Aside from year-round mild temperatures, scenic views and being home of the legendary Disney World, Orlando is full of reasons why your new life here will be a year round vacation. Now in order to complete your move this summer, you will need to hire a topnotch Orlando mover. Hiring a mover that is homegrown is of […]

When consumers shop they’re generally looking for the best buy. The best buy usually equates to great pricing and good quality. However, every now and then consumers are wooed by a number of things that go into the purchasing of a particular good or service. For instance the level of care and attention they receive […]

I’m always asked this question. Most Orlando moving companies don’t accept checks or american express. Orlando movers typically prefer cash, visa or mastercard. I traditionally use my credit card. The moving foreman obtains authorization from the Orlando movers office and provides clients with a confirmation receipt. Your tip can also be included on the card […]

Have you done your research? What it all boils down to is trust. Hiring a Orlando moving company involves trusting them with years of memories and priceless furnishings. It’s not enough to check out a few moving companies and compare price only. A quality move involves, fair and honest pricing, skilled movers and superior customer care. Check out […]

Our Orlando moving company is made up of a talented team of movers who are passionate about serving this community with quality care. Our moving crews undergo intense training in packing, loading, unloading and risk management before ever lifting a box or answering a phone call. It’s this type of training that classifies our moving […]