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What are your Orlando movers doing on Monday? We’re going for a walk in the park, of course! The Florida Park Service and Lake County Library System’s Adult Literacy Program are teaming up for International Literacy Day by giving certain visitors free admission to the state park system for one day only. All you need to go is a library card, checked out book, or a gently used book for donation.

Check out Lake Griffin State Park to see one of the state’s largest oak trees or one of the state’s largest lakes. Those adventurous enough can kayak or canoe, but beware a very healthy population of alligators. There’s also a nature trail, fishing, and camping for those wanting to have fun without being chomped.

For something a little closer, try Wekiwa Springs State Park, with a larger variety of camping options, swimming and snorkeling, and a wealth of wildlife varieties to pull out the binoculars for. The Wekiwa location is quite popular, and it’s unknown whether the free admission will boost occupancy to or above weekend levels. It’s best to be safe and arrive early.

Orlando real estate prices jumped by double digits again from April to May of 2014. In fact, the prices have been steadily rising since this time last year. Month to month, the real estate prices have grown 1.1 percent over the last year. Overall, real estate prices have risen 11.4 percent in Orlando over the last year.

The state of Florida ranks fifth in housing price growth, and the Orlando’s growth is almost three percent higher than the national average of 8.8 percent. This trend is projected to continue, but should level off eventually. The national average price is projected to grow six percent over the next year.

This rise can be both a good and a bad thing. While it does help those of you looking to sell by giving you the opportunity to make more, and has also allowed many sellers to move out of negative equity, it makes buyers more cautious as prices continue to rise. However, if projections are correct, then the prices will hopefully flatten out a little more and more growth can be achieved.

If you are buying or selling a home in the Orlando area, your local moving company can help you get settled into your new home. All My Sons will provide you with the quality service that you deserve, and we will get you to where you need to go on time and in no time.


Your Orlando Relocation experts are elated by the uphill trend in housing prices in the area. According to a report by Corelogic, house prices increased by almost 7% during June. It is a bit of a drop from May when prices had increased by 7.4%, but Florida has still greatly surpassed the national average. Across the country house prices have increased by 2.5%. Your Orlando professional movers are thrilled that the housing market continues its slow, but upward climb.

Like the rest of Florida, your Orlando moving professionals are keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Debbie, as the hurricane season is just beginning. Despite the problems Debbie has caused the state, the Tropical Storm has brought the state out of its drought. Before Debbie hit 99.9% of the Sunshine State was in a serious dry spell. After the torrential rains of Debbie, however, only 0.04% of state was still suffering from the drought. Some parts of the Orlando area had up to five inches of rain. Climatologist David Zierden has said that this may be one of the wettest Junes ever recorded. What a change from prior months this year. Your Orlando movers hope that you all stayed safe through the downpours of Debbie and have a great 4th of July.

Several Mom-friendly locations in Orlando are offering free admission to mothers this weekend. Your Orlando movers think mom would love a day spent sightseeing and mingling with her favorite people. Harry P Leu Gardens and the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens are among the many opening doors to moms free-of-charge this Mother’s Day in Orlando.

However you celebrate the day, your Orlando relocation specialists hope you and mom have a blast! Happy Mother’s Day, Moms! From your Orlando family moving company.

After a little over a week of being open, Orlando’s new Legoland theme park is already a big hit with local families in search of wholesome unforgettable fun! Legoland’s California location has been regarded almost uniformly as the best kid-friendly theme park in the country, so it is not hard for your Orlando mover here to see what all the hype is about when it comes to the week-old Florida park. Your Orlando area relocation specialists want you to save money on your visit, so if you and your family plan to visit Legoland soon, be on the lookout for discounts! There are many promotional websites that offer discounts, and Legoland even offers a special low-cost two-day admission package for families who may want to make a weekend out of the Legoland fun!

Saggy pants. Fashion statement? Or law infringement? Well, in Orlando Florida it is more the latter than the former. The “Pull Your Pants Up” law is in full effect in Orlando, and a local lawmaker is doing his part to enforce it by giving out hundreds of leather belts to high school kids who may need a little help keeping their undies out of sight! The sagging ban, according to officials, is to encourage students to get an education. Dressing for success is a huge part of that according to Senator Gary Siplin. Your movers in Orlando here know all too well that properly secured pants are a necessity for your relocation team to perform. Can you imagine being moved by a crew that keeps tripping over their own uniforms? Moving day? Or episode of the Three Stooges mover style?

Some quick food for thought from your Orlando moving expert: Know when and when not to recruit friends/family for help on your upcoming move. When it comes to moving to a new house we all tend to get by with a little help from our friends, but there is a right and a wrong way to go about doing it if you ask your relocation specialists. Even if you are hiring professional Florida movers in Orlando you may still call upon friends and family for help, so be smart about it! Rather than asking for help with packing and preparing dishes –or for help with any tedious moving tasks– you should stick to “just the big stuff.” Here’s why: Moving the armoires, the dressers, sofas, beds, and other heavy household items is very cut and dry. Whereas packing boxes and preparing smaller household items is more complicated. Furthermore, the heavy lifting involved when moving big furniture is something that you actually will need help with. Packing with friends should be avoided for many reasons. For one, the complication experienced by your friends/help can cause productivity to slow down. Also, you may have a very specific manner in which you want your smaller items to be packed, especially when it comes to packing dishes and other delicate belongings. Lifting heavy furniture may be physically more difficult than packing boxes, but overall it is the easiest and most sensible part of your move for your friends and family to get involved with; be smart and productive, when it comes to asking friends for moving help stick to the big stuff!

One topic that is always hot in the moving biz is celebrity moves! News of all things celebrity travels fast, and up for discussion now is the ever-popular Jennifer Aniston. She and her new male companion, Justin Theroux, have taken their still-fresh relationship to the next level as he has moved into her LA home. “Rumor Has It” that the two decided to “Just Go With It” shortly after becoming more than just “Friends” possibly because of Theroux’s “Rockstar” look of which Aniston is an obvious fan; sometimes “Love Happens”, and apparently for Justin “She’s The One” which is a good explanation for why he has moved into her place. Kudos to anybody who caught the multitude of Aniston references without needing the quotation marks for aide! Good luck, you two, your Orlando movers hope that news of “The Break-Up” doesn’t surface anytime soon!

There are a whole lot of reasons why professional moving companies –even movers with an excellent reputation– regularly get mistakenly categorized along with the lowest of the low in the moving industry. While there are more moving companies out there who operate in a deplorable manner than your professional Florida movers in Orlando here can believe, there are relocation service providers in the Orlando area and beyond who care about their customers and about the integrity of their business. Unfortunately, the flocks of lousy moving companies out there who give the entire industry a bad name won’t soon cease and desist. However; if you familiarize yourself with the moving industry, and with organizations such as AMSA and ProMover companies, you can rise above the madness and hire professional movers without fear of a nightmare experience on your moving day.